Guide To Layering Hair Products

Contrary to popular belief, the order of which you use your hair products actually matters a lot.

Honestly, it takes a certain kind of special way to properly and effectively use your favorite products to benefit your strands. And in today’s article, we’ll present to you our guide to layering hair products properly for best results!


The Importance Of Layering

“But ZALA,” you may ask, “what does it matter what order we use our hair products? They all get absorbed by our strands anyway.”

While it’s true that they all get absorbed by our strands anyway, how effective the product will be does depend on how well your strands may absorb them.

And see, if you use a thick product first before a thinner product, do you think the latter will get properly absorbed? No, because the former will have already been all soaked up by your strands. And your strands can only take so much.

Layering Hair Products Guide

Now, there are many, many hair products out there, and we can’t possibly list down every single one.

However, one rule of thumb is to always use the thinnest or lightest hair product on first before the thicker, heavier ones. If you’re staying on your toes regarding your skincare routine, this will be familiar to you, as the rules of skincare pretty much adhere to the same logic.


The first part of your hair care routine, at least in terms of products, should be shampoo. We can’t stress enough just how important it is to clean your hair thoroughly first before beginning your routine. If you start with dirty hair, you’ll only end up locking all the dirt inside, which is obviously a huge no-no.


After cleaning your hair, it’s now time to replenish all the lost natural oils from the wash. This is where a conditioner comes in. Not only does it condition your hair, but it also moisturizes and nourishes it. Make sure to use a deep conditioner at least twice a month for best results.

Leave-in Conditioner

There are different kinds of leave-in conditioner, but they are generally used right after you shower. Most are cream-type and are very light on the hair. If you tend to have oily hair though, you might want to try gel type instead.

Hair Serum

Hair serums vary in thickness and consistency, but it’s usually best to use one after your leave-in conditioner. Make sure to choose a hair serum that suits your hair best.

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Hair Oils / Heat Protectants

Since hair oils are generally much thicker than both hair serums and leave-in conditioners, they go last in your hair care routine. Heat protectants go last too, if you’re going to use heat styling tools on your hair.

Hair Spray / Styling Cream / Mousse

Styling products are already outside the hair care routine jurisdiction, but they’re worth mentioning as well since a lot of people use them regularly. Remember, these go after the actual hair care part.

Now that you understand the importance of layering, you’re well on your way to establishing a good hair care routine that your crowning glory will absolutely thank you for.


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